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People are constantly looking to gain easy access to goods they need; many people, however, are of the opinion that in some parts of the country, purchase of many goods is very hard and even impossible.
Bamilo online marketplace is the best destination for your online purchases in Iran. Products range from electronic devices, books, home appliances, clothes and fashion items plus many other goods. Bamilo is not a shop, but a market; in other words, instead of purchasing and storing goods, it puts emphasis on diversity of its goods and client’s high power of option.


Snapp makes it possible for you to easily order cabs by cellphone applications or through their website. You are able to send your request from all points of the city and receive a cab in the shortest possible time with a simple click of the finger. Providing various services such as cabs, commercial transport services, and luxury transport services as well as special welfare features, we intend to change urban trips to joyful, economic, and memorable trips for you.


ZoodFood is the first Iranian site which has made it possible for Iranian people to order meals online. The photos, menus and restaurant information are constantly updated on this website so you are always up to date on the latest dining options. Users of this site are able to easily choose their meal, specify one of the three payments methods, and finally enjoy their meal.


PINTAPIN is your one-stop-shop for travel and accommodation bookings. You can select your travel dates and compare between endless possible types of resorts and hotels which are suited for any budget or travel type.


The real estate market has always been a spirited part of Iran’s economy. Eskano helps individuals in the property market find their ideal home, land, or commercial property. Our goal is to empower consumers by providing the most relevant information in the market today. Eskano provides individuals direct contact with developers, agents, and landlords. Simultaneously we help brokers and developers connect to millions of prospective buyers previously beyond their reach.